Camp Clarity is the best decision I ever made for myself. Norma Jean created a safe and beautiful space for us to learn and grow, and I found answers there that I didn’t even know I desperately needed. Everything was fun and gentle, but wildly transformative. I came home with tools for my happiness and wellbeing that I will always hold close and Bali was the perfect backdrop to setting goals and learning how to put words into the actions necessary for achieving them. If you are looking for change and inspiration in your life, Camp Clarity is where to find it.
— Lily N., USA
I truly believe that everything you experience is life-changing but Camp Clarity was the epitome of this idea. It taught me how to live more freely by providing me the exact experiences that I was ready for. Norma Jean brought in the most empowering teachers and also showed us how to teach and learn from each other. After Camp Clarity, I feel reborn, and more free than ever before (although I know this is just the beginning of a new journey :) ). I am so in touch with my own intuition and energy and I am ready to share my light with others and express myself creatively for the first time. Camp Clarity is for everyone and will provide you with the experience you need to live a more fulfilling life.
— Danni B., U.S.A.
I’m so grateful to the Universe for having guided me to join the group of wonderful women!

All my being is vibrating higher.. I’m feeling nourished, reconnected to the Source, in tune with who I truly am.

… A perfect balance with pleasure, discomfort, joy, sharings, sorority, sacred spaces, physical activities, wonderful food, health, gentleness, truth, giving of yourself, letting go, heaviness, lightness, gravity, beauty, purity...

A perfect balance for body, mind and soul…I thought that my travel around the world enabled me to live in perfect connection with myself... but I hadn’t lived Camp Clarity yet…

It is an “outside of time” experience!

Thank you, Thank you Norma Jean for sharing with us your best experiences of Bali, your best acquaintances, with so much generosity!

Thank you for offering me the most beautiful and authentic experience of Ubud and Bali!
— Brigitte B., France
Sound Healing CC

Private Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Align your vibration

Camp Clarity Spiritual Full Moon Circle

Experience a Full Moon Ceremony

Connect your cycle to the moon

Yoga and meditation retreat

Daily Yoga Practice

Connect to your body


Sacred Water Temple

Cleans your spirit


Balinese Cooking Class

Nourish yourself

Camp Clarity allowed me to take time out for myself that I so desperately needed.

Taking a brief break from my life in a safe space where I could be free to express myself with other women was eye opening. It helped me see myself in a whole new way, develop a love myself that I have been seeking for a very long time.

I created relationships with amazing and powerful women that will last forever and most importantly, I’ve created a deeper relationship with myself.

I still have work to do but Camp Clarity has given me kickstart I needed.

— Lindsay E., U.S.A
Camp Clarity was magical!

I did not fully know what to expect and was a bit worried when I booked about the retreat being such a small group of just 3 women plus NJ – but I feel so blessed that I went.

I needed some clarity in my life after a tough time with a few topics in my life and some changes coming up.

After the call with NJ where she explained the program and her lovely personality I took the leap of faith and booked.

The week was more than I ever expected! We stayed in a really nice house together as a group, which gave us enough space for each other but also a great surrounding for the sessions and time together.

NJ put together a really fantastic special program with the right mix of activities, workshops, learnings and relaxing.

The week went by so fast and felt like much more than a week at the same time because it included so many great experiences. NJ herself led some really powerful workshops and was very professional and warm in the way she led our small group and included everyone with their personality and history.

The other two ladies were so lovely and we had great experiences together as a group which helped us all to evolve and become close friends in just one week. NJ brought in other selected practitioners with interesting teachings during the retreat. I did a few sessions with some of them afterwards and they were really fantastic and transformational (but to do so is absolutely your own decision and really only makes sense after the retreat anyhow).

Every morning there was Yoga with the lovely Dia and a meditation, which was a great start of the day.

Another absolute highlight was definitely the food! The food was just AMAZING, so fresh, tasty, healthy, just yum!

There are also a few more “touristy” activities in the program but always with a local twist that you would otherwise never get, so if you only have that week you still get to see and experience some local activities.

I can only recommend Camp Clarity to any woman who wants to nourish herself, learn and develop and enjoy the magical spirit of Bali, which comes alive in this retreat.

Go in with an open heart and you will absolute have a magical experience!
— Sandra H., Germany