Are you seeking to work one-on-one with individual practitioners for guidance, healing, or empowerment in your life?

Our Spiritual Concierge has the industry knowledge, experience, and an intuitive ability to identify and recommend the EXPERT teachers, traditional medicine practitioners, healers, and coaches that will help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually move forward in your life.

All recommended practitioners have to pass our strict 3 guidelines:

  1. They are safe to work with.

  2. They are an expert in their field.

  3. They are inclusive and welcome all people of all sizes, ages, colors, and genders.

Some examples of our recommended practitioners are:

  • Acupuncture and TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioners

  • Therapeutic Body-Work & Massage

  • Osteopaths

  • Sound and Music Healers

  • Intuitive and Psychic Readings

  • Reiki & Energy Healers

  • Reflexologists

  • Embodied Somatic (felt sense) Therapists

  • Trauma Resolution Sessions

Please contact us for inquiries.