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Dates for Our 7-day All Inclusive Retreats for Women

Sep 29th- Oct 5th, 2019 - BALI

Oct 13th - oct 19th, 2019 - balI

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Don’t miss your chance to escape into the beauty of Bali.

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Camp Clarity is an experience like none other!  

Camp Clarity is all the fun of summer camp, inclusive and affirming for ALL WOMEN, and created to help you move forward in your life with tools, resources, and community.

You’ll experience daily gratitude raffles, connection, Bali cultural experiences, adventures, and powerful personal growth workshops curated by a spiritual concierge and taken to the NEXT LEVEL as the conscious, empowered, woman of worth that you are.

You will return to your life not just on a “vacation high” but BRIDGING THE GAP from the life you have to the life you want, excited to return home with NEW tools, resources, community, and support, for continued and sustainable success.   

Here’s some things we include:

  • 6 nights Custom Luxury Villa accommodation chosen for each Camp experience

  • 3 meals per day

  • Daily yoga & guided meditation

  • Women’s workshops on creating value and self-worth

  • Self-care workshop designed for women

  • Authentic Balinese experiences including visiting Bali’s ancient clarifying water temple, traditional cooking classes, Balinese healers and more!

  • Leadership workshops on goal setting and staying on track

  • Tools for clarity and self-expression

  • Art & creativity workshops

  • Sound healing and breathwork meditations

  • Awesome community of like-minded “switched-on” supportive soul sisters

  • Post-camp coaching (we want you to succeed!)

We also organize the best healers, coaches, bodyworkers, and massage therapists on the island to enhance your camp experience however you see fit! 

Are you ready to invest in your mind, body and spirit? 

7 day retreats range from $1995 - $3499 USD per person. We make booking easy for you by offering impressive discounts for early-bird reservations and stress-free deposit schedules that make planning ahead a breeze. CLICK HERE for more detailed pricing information and to learn more.

Join Camp Clarity to experience all this and AND SO MUCH MORE!

We encourage you to CLICK HERE to ask us questions and get started on your journey of self-discovery and clarity. You can request a FREE connection call from our Camp Clarity Spiritual Concierge, Norman Jean who will answer your questions and recommend the right retreat dates for you.

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Camp Clarity is the brainchild of a joyful woman, guided by soul nourishing purpose and intuition, to empower you with inclusive spiritual experiences, teachers, and workshops that bring you deep into connection and clarity.

NORMA JEAN, Spiritual Concierge

A musician, artist, entrepreneur, event manager, branding consultant, and Reiki Master, guiding others to creative empowerment. Residing in the vibrant artistic community of Ashland, Oregon - Norma Jean has launched numerous media ventures and personal projects, most recently as the creator of the podcast, Stay Wild. Norma Jean's time studying and experiencing health and spirituality in Bali, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea have given her knowledge of different modalities of healing and wellness coupled with her Bachelors degree in hospitality management from the University of San Francisco, make her the ideal Spiritual Concierge.

Learn more about her personal creative endeavors by clicking the link below.


Depth & Clarity

As conscious women, we move forward with intention. The process of knowing ourselves, and loving ourselves isn't one to take lightly, and takes community, patience, and support. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with workshops that delve into speaking your truth, listening to your intuition, embracing femininity, and stepping into being an empowered woman who knows what she wants - and goes after it!

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Yoga & Meditation

Camp Clarity is focused on raising the energies needed to cut through barriers, revitalize and clarify mind, body and spirit. Each morning, wake up to uniquely prepared yoga and guided meditations that will get you ready for the activities and workshops ahead. Each day begins with a theme and purposeful intention chosen to activate specific areas of the cerebral and physiological energies to help you get the most out of your time


Explore Authentic Bali

We're bringing you the BEST that Bali has to offer, including the most authentic adventures, hikes, snorkelling, and healers.  These are the things we love to do and the people who make Bali such a special experience.


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Culinary Delights

The entire Camp Clarity experience is one of organic nourishment and fufillment.

In addition to learning about the traditional herbs and plants in the Balinese diet, and the authentic Balinese cooking class, you'll join us for healthy, yummy meals prepared by talented local chefs 3 times a day.  It's important for us to consider all dietary needs and requests. Please let us know how we can cook up the best experience possible for you!

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A Message From The Founder:

Hello Friend,

I have specially designed Camp Clarity and all of our all-inclusive retreats to balance, clarify and focus the mind, body and spirit. It's been an honor to curate the most fun, effective and delicious experiences possible! Camp Clarity collaboration has been incredibly rewarding while putting together programs I know will dust off parts of your potential you have shelved and deep-dive into merging the gap between your current situation and your desired self.  The connection between your current and dream lives, IS BEYOND POSSIBLE, and I believe through the workshops, support systems and experiences during Camp Clarity, you will leave with a tool belt equipped for success! I will remain available to support your reintegration back home with 1on1 coaching as well as a tight network of new friends made at camp who are also working towards their goals with the same language and tools as you! Camp Clarity is driven by helping our tribe THRIVE! I look forward to seeing you soon!

With courage, clarity, and connection, 

Norma Jean 


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